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Since we already are relying on grafana for metrics, it is conveniant to use Loki for logging. Loki

Install loki

helm repo add grafana && \
helm repo update && \
helm upgrade --install loki grafana/loki-stack  

Add Loki as datasource

The helm chart installation should? have added loki as a datasource to grafana, but in case it is not there, we have two alternatives.

1. Add it manually in the grafana UI

Configuration > "Add Datasource" > Loki > "url: http://loki:3100" > "Save & Test"

2. Add it using a configmap

  • Add the configmap
kubectl apply -f loki-datasource.yaml
  • Restart the deployment
kubectl rollout restart deployment prometheus-stack-grafana

Go to "Explore" > "Loki" to start exploring