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Traefik dashboard

Traefik Dashboard

Expose traefik dashboard

You can use both Kubernetes standard Ingress or the Traefik CRD ingressroute for normal routes. To expose the dashboard I have found no other way than to use the ingressroute CRD. When using this combined with with global redirect to https you might need a https certificate first

Create https certificate for ingressroute

Traefik does not support using cert-manager for tls. So when using ingressroute with https you need to first create a "fake" ingress to get a secret with the desired name. Then you use that secret like below.

Wildcard: Alternatively you could get a wildcard certificate, and just use that. The setup for that is slightly more complicated and might require using a third party nameserver like digitalocean or cloudflare to help with the challenges.

  • Create the temporary ingress so cert-manager gets the intial certificate
cat traefik-dashboard-tmp-ingress.yaml | envsubst | kubectl apply -f -
cat traefik-dashboard-tmp-ingress.yaml | envsubst | kubectl delete -f -
  • Finally create the traefik native ingressroute
cat traefik-ingressroute-no-auth.yaml | envsubst | kubectl apply -f -


Now you should have the traefik dashboard available on